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Lori is not currently accepting creative writing residencies. As we hold this space for future workshops, however, please enjoy this poem, created by third graders at Eugene Field elementary. 



Dogsled Ride

by class 301, Eugene Field Elementary

I hear the dogs whining

Black socks protect their paws

But their noses are cold

I can see the chill down their necks

Slowly, up the mountain

Slowly, through the blizzard

On this wooden sled

Snow is a white blanket

Snow is filled with dread

Will it ever stop?


House like white bark on soft sand

Fire crackles and burns

It’s warm and cozy inside

Dog’s soft, fluffy fur

Warmthens my body



I am blanketed by their wolflike smell

Leave the world of ice behind

For my furry bed


(This is the 301 class poem, and I think it’s as beautiful as the others. For this one, we closed our eyes. Joseph became the sound of the wind, and Alex whimpered like frozen sled dogs while we imagined ourselves on the side of a mountain, heading for the warmth of a house with a fire and a place for us to cuddle up with our dogs. Well, that’s where we ended up anyway. Not sure where we began. Poetry is like that sometimes. I added the last three lines, although the third graders had suggested the words wolflike and smell. Stojan created the word “warmthens” all by himself, which happens to be the best word I’ve never heard before. Thank you.)


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